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Jiangsu Fengye Parking System Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech enterprise focusing on the integration of R&D, design, manufacturing, sales, installation and maintenance, leasing and investment of mechanical three-dimensional parking systems, and is committed to the exquisite technology of parking systems. Innovation to ensure that the needs of different customers are met. Jiangsu Fengye Parking System Co., Ltd. is a parking system professional company established by taking over the leading enterprise in the industry-Jiangsu Shuangliang Parking Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Fengye leads the future development of the three-dimensional parking industry with technology and innovation, solves parking problems with high-quality products and services, and creates unlimited parking space, benefiting the people of the world


The company pays close attention to the pulse of market demand, keeps pace with the development of science and technology, and combines scientific and technological research and market application effectively and scientifically.



Tan Jieqing, deputy to the National People's Congress: vigorously build an intelligent parking lot

Tan Jieqing, deputy to the National People's Congress: vigorously build an intelligent parking lot

Future Network (www.k618.cn central news website) Beijing, March 6th (Reporter Hao Xiangping Song Xiaxia) "The rapid increase in the number of private cars has a great impact on urban traffic. It is difficult for residents to park, and it is difficult to park and drive The phenomenon of difficult and difficult driving is becoming more and more serious," said Tan Jieqing, deputy to the National People's Congress, with deep feelings.



Upward to change the space parking space three, three-dimensional parking garage to ease parking difficulties

With the sharp increase in the number of motor vehicles, the difficulty of parking has become more prominent, and asking for parking spaces underground and in the air has also become an option to solve the parking problem. The reporter found that some developers and property units in Linyi had introduced various three-dimensional parking equipment at the beginning of the project considering that they might face the problem of insufficient parking spaces.



Smart parking is a platform infrastructure for future travel and will create a one-stop car life

From November 27th to 28th, 2018, the 6th WISE Conference-"WISE 2018 New Economy King" arrived as scheduled. At the WISE conference, CEO Liu Wenchao shared his thoughts on the long-standing pain points, solutions and future market potential of the parking industry. He believes that under the influence of big data, cloud computing and favorable policies, the parking industry will usher in a disruptive upgrade and transformation, and there is huge market space behind this. He predicts that the active users of Internet parking will reach 100 million level within about 3 years.

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